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tv   ABC 7 News at 11PM  ABC  December 28, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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stew two firefighters were injured tonight. sky 7hd is overhead as the flames spread. i'm dan ashley. carolyn johnson is off. the fire moved fast, ripping through one home and then jumping to another. it happened on miller avenue near grizzly peak boulevard, not far from the golf course. ama dates is there live tonight. >> dan, the fire has pretty much been knocked out. we still have firecrews on scene. it is hard to tell where the fire actually was because of the trees. so take a look at sky 7hd. he shot great video of the flames coming up. nobody was injured, none of the homeowners, but two
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firefighters got injured and they suffered from heat exhaustion. about 15 homes were evacuated. one of them was where a man was house sitting for his parents and he may have been the first one to see the fire. >> i noticed a woosh and the light of the flame. i went running to the fence line and saw it and looked out the window and saw what looked like a burning branch and called the fire department. >> on the first arrival, the first company found heavy fire coming out of the building. it was breaching into the adjacent structure at 1005. >> and there was a live power line that fell on one of the engines, and the company had to abandon that vehicle. pg&e came out and responded to that. there were two homes heavily damaged, we are told. one was next door to the man
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house sitting and then his father's home had damage as well. again, nobody injured except for the two firefighters who suffered heat exhaustion. but they are doing well at this hour. ama dates, abc7 news. >> that's good to hear. thank you. in oakland, a new attempt to get occupy protesters to gain some ground. they put up tents, but it wasn't long before police moved in. alan wang is live with the story. >> dan, after tonight, the oakland occupy protesters, they don't know where they will go next, but they are vowing they will be back. each time one of thesen camp ment's pops up, the oakland police department appears to be more skilled at moving it without incident. >> they are basically saying we have like 10 or 15 minutes to leave. >> and they weren't lying. after verbal and written warnings the oakland police officers started handcuffing the occupy yes, sirs who put up -- occupy yes, sirs who put up no resistance. >> do you accept the citation?
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>> police arrested one occupy yes, sir because they couldn't identify him. the other 14 were cited, allowed to gather their belongings and escorted out of the gated lot. >> i had my bike locked up. >> occupy oakland's tactile action committee says it specifically targeted this triangle-shaped half acre lot in west oakland and west grand avenue. >> if you live in the county, the assessor's record shows back taxes are owed. the other half of the area does not exist according to the county residents. there is no test record that comes up at all. that's the area that they were on. >> but police say they verified the landowner who asked them to remove the occupy yes, sirs. by phone we spoke to one of the owners who says his property company owns the entire lot. >> private property is
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unacceptable. maybe commercial property. i don't know. >> the protesters didn't take it lightly as the police officers locked up the property and withdrew peaceful ledee spite being taunted. >> at least they could have allowed people to get their food. it shows who is being protected by police when people can't come together and be the disenfranchised. >> they cut open the padlock and retrieved the food and water left behind. at last check there were 20 people and four tents posted outside the front gate of the property. the owner says he had to have them removed because the lie ability -- liability would have fallen on him if someone would have been seriously injured or killed on his property. reporting live in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you. a walnut creek school custodian has been charged with sexually assaulting two children. john astor was charged with 10 felony sex crime counts today.
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astor was arrested thursday at his home in walnut creek on a child under 14. neither of the victims were students at any of the walnut creek schools where astor worked. his bail is set at $1.5 million. the manhunt for a suspected it car thief ended today with his arrest in oakland. around 11:00 this morning, police say they tried to pull over the driver of a stolen truck near the college campus. he took off, crashed the vehicle and then ran on foot. the driver surrendered after a police k-9 unit caught up with him. the suspect's name is not being released, but he is a parolee who is 40 years of age. the college was closed for winter break and no students were on campus. there is an effort tonight to bring an arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration here to california. a petition drive is being launched to collect enough signatures to get a new -- a strict new immigration initiative on next november's ballot. here is jerry olenin.
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>> i follow the rule of law. and i think if you want to come to this country, you should do it legally. >> supporters of a paw petition drive to put a new measure on the ballot think most agree with this cuban-born american. she came here 50 years ago and became a citizen. it would require sanctuary cities like san francisco who don't require federal immigration laws to do so. it would de night driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants and set aside $700 million over 20 years to fight so-called trans national gangs. ted hilton is a proponent of the initiative. >> we have a tremendous crime problem caused by those coming here illegally. we are spending about $950 million annually for incarceration. >> san francisco immigration attorney jim burns says it is nowhere near draw cone yuan as those passed in alabama. but those requiring state
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governments to comply with the law does not middle east the muster. >> they are supposed to be enforced by the federal government. and the federal government has been consistent where they feel their prerogative has been interfered with. they will sue to stop the enforcement of the laws. as they did in back ba m and arizona. >> democrats speculate it is politically driven to create a wedge issue that might spur the republicans to the polls. one of whom even admitted might be a part of it. >> but it is not the main part. the main part is we have to control the illegal immigration in the state of california and the united states of america. >> the measure is a virtual cinch to make it on the november ballot. supporters have until may 25th to garner the necessary 500,000 signatures. signatures that they will begin collecting in three weeks. in san francisco, jerry olenin, abc news. authorities are trying to serve more than 500 outstanding drunk driving arrest warrants before new year's eve. officers surprise people at their homes and at work today
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and then hauled them off to jail. they are targeting people convicted of dui who failed to serve their sentence. the sweep continues for the rest of the week and is paid for by a state grant. starting on january 1st, the drivers with three or more dui convictions can have their license suspended for up to 10 years. meantime, california is offering a big incentive to folks who did not pay their traffic tickets. it is half off amnesty for certain tickets. the state has mandated a one-time am -- amnesty program that runs from january 1st until june. you could get half off your ticket if you meet certain requirements. keep in mind the amnesty program does not apply to parking tickets, reckless driving or duis. >> that's not fair that they forgot and took too long to take care of it. everybody will do that. >> i totally agree. they can get a discount and get the revenues. >> if you want to know if your
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ticket qualifies for amnesty, just go to our website, and click on see it on tv. bay area mothers are targeting a target after a mother says she was harassed for breastfeeding her baby at the store. 30 moms took part in a nurse in in emeryville. it was part of 100 protests at stores around the country. the nurse ins were organized after michelle hickman says she was asked to move after she was breastfeeding her baby at a target store in the houston area. >> we are unhappy a mom had to go through that experience anywhere. >> we should be able to breastfeed. there is nothing about it. there is nothing dirty about it. it is nourishing our children. >> a spokesperson at the emeryville target says shopperswho choose to breastfeed in public areas of the store are welcome to do so. target will inform employees at the texas store about the company's breastfeeding policy. more to get to for you tonight. a massive funeral for the north korean leader, kim
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jong-il. thousands crowded to the capital and hear the words they have been waiting to hear. also, how a five-year-old rang up a $500 bill on his mom's iphone without even knowing her password. and a major solar storm is set to hit within days. all that is coming up, and then on "nightline." >> i'm terry moran. up next, viral internet videos , from david at the dentist to charlie bit my finger. are parents going too far? and we go to a remote nature preserve, and an attempt to restore a lost
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to king gung u.n was declared -- kim gung u.n. was declared the leader, and it started with a 21-gun salute. kim jong-un over looked the pea -- pyong square. the square was packed with mourners. an internet watchdog group
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is suing the department of homeland security. the electronic privacy information center wants to know what the agency is doing with information it gathers on facebook and twitter and other social media sites. the national operations center scans the sites for key words including dirty bomb, nuclear threat, hostage, explosion and riot. countries including north korea and mexico and several cities are also flagged as key words. the homeland security department is not commenting on this lawsuit. with the iowa caucuses less than a week away, there is a new leader in the republican race for president tonight. a cnn poll puts mitt romney in front with 25% followed byron paul and pennsylvania's rick santorum. newt gingrich has suddenly fallen to fourth place. michele bachmann's struggling campaign saw her iowa chairman defect to ron paul's side. it is an embarassing blow, but some call for her to leave the race entirely.
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an el dorado county five-year-old racks up a major bill on his mother's iphone. here is what happened. it all started with an iphone app called my town too from booya. zachary beagle had permission from his mom for single $1.99 purchase, but the single purchase cost more than $500 when zachary kept buying more coins without having to re-enter a password. >> it asks you if you want to buy money. >> he purchases one set of coins. he is playing away and he is happy and everything is great. the next day we start getting the bill. >> apple initially refused to refund the money until zachary says he is an expert trial witness on cybercrime. rob beagle says he believes it violates apple's guidelines for not requiring validation for additional purchases. a massive solar storm could create problems on earth this week. a solar plasma eruption hit on
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monday sending particles toward earth. the impact will likely spawn geo magnetic storms which could disrupt gps signals and radio signals and power gridz over the weekend. the sun has been very active this year according to space .com. a solar flare in august was the strongest one in four years. well what we need here on earth is a storm of the real variety here of the rainy variety. spencer christian is here for sandhya patel jie. before we get to the rain storm, the sun was active. we had highs of 67 degrees in santa rosa and livermore. that's really warm for december 28. 61 in concord and 62 napa and 64 in cloverdale. warmer than all-around the bay area. over in the sierra, it was quite mild. we had record highs there. reno a high of 63 degrees. that's a record high for this date in reno. 59 in tahoe. this was the third consecutive day that lake tahoe had a record high. back to the bay area and the
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temperatures right now are generally in the 50s, although a few locations have dropped to the upper 40s. redwood city and livermore and concord and napa. and let's compare this to the temperatures 24 hours ago. the temperature change is quite significant. it is 11 degrees milder than it was at this hour yesterday. half moon bay, 9 degrees milder in oakland. all-around the bay area, it is significantly warmer now. it is milder than it was at this hour last night. spring el kills are possible in the north bay tomorrow. a chance of rain on friday and a little more widespread rain. dry and mild conditions will settle in for the new year's weekend. the satellite image shows a system moving into the pacific northwest and to washington state and oregon producing rainfall right now around seattle and portland and down to the northwestern corner of the state of california. not reaching the bay area yet, but this system is pretty inner jet particular. it is pretty active and rainfall is headed our way. there is a good chance of it arriving on friday. we will set our forecast animation, and we can see the
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rain continue to hold towpt northwest north of us for the next 12 hours or so. but some drizzle could reach us tomorrow and early friday morning. late tomorrow and early friday morning. beyond friday morning we could get widespread and better organized rainfall. we don't expect this to be heavy. we are talking about light rainfall here, but at least some wet weather is coming our way finally in what we call the rainy season. overnight tonight, look for the mild conditions with the low temperatures generally in the mid to upper 40s. a low of 50 here in san francisco. then tomorrow another mild day is coming our way even with the presence of clouds. highs in the low to mid60s. look for highs of 63 in santa rosa and 62 in concord and 65 in livermore. 64 san jose. and farther south near the monterey bay, we will see highs in the mid60s. 65 in gilroy and salinas and 66 in hollister. and here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. there is a little bit of rainfall coming our way on friday. we get mild and dry conditions for the new year's weekend.
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and the mild weather will hold next week with inland highs and highs around the bay in the mid60s. possibly approaching 70° in some spots before this mild spell is over. that's pretty remark only weather for early january. >> 70° is strange. >> upper 60s for sure. maybe not 70, but close. >> we will get rain eventually, and there is rain out there, right? it is offshore. >> it is being steered to the north. the jet stream is in the farther northern position. so washington state and oregon are getting nice amounts of rainfall. we are bone dry. >> they are just trying to shift us. >> well, coming up here, a san francisco dinner show is pulling up stake. so what will happen to one of the most popular shows in town? back in a moment. this is an rc robotic claw.
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change of daylight savings throw u.s. off, imagine losing an entire day. that's what will happen in the tiny south pacific island of sawoa. years ago they agreed to align time with u.s. territories to assist trading with california. as the nation crosses over the international dateline, at the stroke of midnight tomorrow,
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time in samoa will leap forward24 hours to december 31st. no december 30th. under our government decree, all of those scheduled to work on this nonexistent friday will get paid for the day. a long-time fixture of san francisco's entertainment scene will wrap up its run at its current home on new year's eve. >> it is a throw back to another time. the show opened along the embarcadero for what was supposed to be a six-month run. but the audiences just kept coming. it is being renovated for the america's cup yacht race. >> we are currently in the midst of packing everything now and crating it up, and it will be moved to a temporary location and then it will open back up on broadway and the embarcadero. >> they plan to reopen just in time for next year's holiday season.
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larry beil is off and colin rush is here. you should see this guy do hand springs. pretty impressive. >> i'm pretty good. thanks, buddy. >> mark jackson, he has them believing in a new thing called defense. it is the name of the game and the holiday bowl misery for zach manard.
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if you like execution, third down efficiency and protecting the football, tonight's holiday bowl is not for you. both cal and texas struggled in all three categories. both finished under 500 in their conferences. zach manard had issues. he fumbled the exchange and the second quarter. texas on the reverse and he went back to the quarterback for the touchdown. 7-3 at the half. it was a real barn burner. cal showing life in the third.
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six yards and then the 10-7 lead. texas with a quick response here. less than two minutes later and how open is he? 47 yards. 14-10. zach striped and texas recovers and cal turned it over five times. i'm no genius, but i know that is not good. four yards up the middle. no sugar coating this one, folks. 21-10 the final. cal killed themselves all night with the five turnovers. >> you can't go into a football game like that and expect to turn the football over and win a football game. we had our chances and it comes down to what wins and loses football games. turnovers are a big key to that. we were definitely on the wrong end of that. >> in the course of 18 days, the a's traded three former allstars, cahil, gonzalez and now bailey. he is off to boston with outfielder ryan sweeney. brett anderson's tweet today,
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dropping like flies, he says. the red sox needed a closer. they get a good one. 75k's and three seasons with oakland. sweeney just never lived up to the high expectations. 13 home runs in four years in oakland. they get these three in return. to the nba and the warriors were playing a man down. he was unable to go after reinjuring his ankle on monday night. the warriors tried to land tyson chandler. he had just two points tonight. warriors with a two-point lead. one of 10 shooting before this steel. breakaway dunk and the warriors were down four in the second quarter. a nice guy and helping out david leigh. then he gets it from stoudemire. three goes to end the third
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quarter. he had 19. a give and go. monte had 22 and warriors out score 55-35 in the second half and pull away for a 92-78 win. northwest and pacific division lieders squaring off at the tank. sharks and canucks and up 2-0. the wrister short side and it is 2-1. later sharks on the power play and joe thorton pass or shoot, i like it when he shoots. the game is tied at two. to overtime. deflection and canucks escape with a 3-2 victory. sharks lose two in a row. >> that's too bad. "night line" is next. thanks for watching. i'm dan ashley and see you
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